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Frequently asked questions

How can I start charging on the public network?

We believe paying to charge should be easy. That's why we offer a number of convenient ways to pay when using a Shell Recharge charge point. Customers can start a charge using contactless payments or use the Shell Recharge app and charge card.

Customers that use the Shell Recharge app and charge card are able to charge at Shell Recharge as well as more than 250 other major providers in Europe using just one account. In addition, Shell Recharge app and charge card customers benefit from the following:

  • Ability to charge at Shell Recharge as well as over other charge points
  • See real-time availability of all charge points and be notified if a charge point becomes available or occupied to more easily plan your journey
  • View all your past charge sessions in one place
  • Receive one easy monthly bill

The Shell Recharge app is available on the App Store or Google Play. You can then register and order a free charge card.

To activate the Shell Recharge card, please follow the activation instructions on the Shell Recharge app. Once your charge card is activated, you can start using it with any of the charge points available in our network. You can find these charge points in the app.

How much does it cost to charge?

Charging at a Shell Recharge charge points costs £0.39/kWh in the UK. You can pay using contactless or use the Shell recharge app and card which allow you to keep track of all your charges at Shell and other major providers on the network.

The Shell Recharge card and app also allow you to charge at over 250 other charge point providers across Europe without the need to register for each individually. The cost of charging at public charge points does vary. We collaborate with many different charge point operators to grow and maintain our charging network. The charging costs may differ from local tariffs and tariffs can vary between charge points. To know exactly what your charging session will cost, you can easily check the actual tariff of the specific charge point in the Shell Recharge app.

Which charge point operators can I charge with using the Shell Recharge card and app?

The Shell Recharge app and card give you access to a network of over 250 charge point operators across Europe (UK providers are highlighted in bold):

Aix-Marseille Provence Métropole - FR*M13

Alfa Power Charging



Allgäuer Kraftwerke GmbH

Allgäuer Überlandwerk GmbH


Alterbase Séolis


Ardenne Métropole

Axpo Energy Solutions

Béa - Ille-et-Vilaine

Bee Charging Solutions


BK e-mobility

Blue Corner

Blue Current


Bornes Solutions


Carrefour Property


chargeIT mobility

chargeIT mobility - Rewag

chargeIT mobility - SLB

chargeIT mobility - Solid GmbH

ChargePoint Inc.



CNR - Move In Pure

Comfortcharge gmbh

CommercialCharger - EGO

Communauté d’Agglomération Paris

Communauté de communes Vallée des Baux-Alpilles

Communauté Sud Corse


Deutsche Bahn - DB Energie

Digital Energy Solutions

Dortmunder Energie- und Wasserversorgung GmbH

Drewag Netz GmbH


Driveco - FR*E08

Driveco - IMT Lille Douai

Driveco - LM

Duferco Energia

E.Car’18 - SDE18 - Cher




e-Born - SDE07 - Ardeche

e-Born - SDED - Drome

e-Born - SEDI - Isère

e-Born - SYANE

e-Born - SyME05

eCarUp AG

E-Charge50 - La Manche

Eco Charge 77

EDP Comercializadora


Effia Stationnement Vincennes


Eins energie in sachsen GmbH & Co. KG

Electric 55 Charging

ElectroDrive Salzburg







Energie AG OÖ

Energie Calw GmbH

Energie- und Wasser Potsdam

Energie- und Wasserversorgung Bruchsal GmbH

Energiedienste der Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart GmbH

Energienetz Mitte GmbH

EneRSIEIL - Indre-et-Loire

EneRSIEIL - Loir-et-Cher

Engenie Ltd.




ESB Group

Esso Corsica


e-Totem - St Etienne Metropole






evpass - Green Motion SA




FDE 80 - Somme


FLOW charging


Franklin Energy

Freshmile Charge

FUCLEM - Meuse

Gaz de l'Eure

GETEC Mobility Solutions GmbH


Go Electric Stations



Grenoble Alpes Métropole

Groupe E

Hansestadt Lüneburg

Haute Vallée de Chevreuse


HEOS Object GmbH & Co. KG

Hostel Akena Besançon

Hrvatski Telekom

IBAarau - Eniwa













Liechtensteinische Kraftwerke

Linz Strom


Mainova AG

Marché International de Rungis


Meißener Stadtwerke GmbH

MENNEKES Digital Services

Métropole du Grand Nancy

Mobilité électrique 56 - Morbihan


Mobiloire - SIEL


MobiSDEC - Calvados

MObiVE - SDE24 - Dordogne

MObiVE - SDEE47 - Lot

MObiVE - SDEEG - Gironde

MObiVE - SDEPA - Pyrenees

MObiVE - SYDEC - Landes

Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole - Révéo



Morbihan énergies

Mouv'Elec Var


MVV Energie AG

Neogy srl

Neubrandenburger Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH


NKM Mobilitás

Norauto Fâches



Pfalzwerke Aktiengesellschaft


Plan-net solar



Präg Strom & Gas GmbH & Co. KG




Reseau Alize Liberte - Brest Metropole

Reseau Alize Liberte - Communauté de Communes de la Plaine de l'Ain

Reseau Alize Liberte - Communauté de Communes Vitry, Champagne et Der

Reseau Alize Liberte - Docuworld

Reseau Alize Liberte - FR*A21

Reseau Alize Liberte - FR*A22

Reseau Alize Liberte - FR*A30

Reseau Alize Liberte - FR*A87

Reseau Alize Liberte - FR*C01

Reseau Alize Liberte - FR*G05

Reseau Alize Liberte - FR*G06

Reseau Alize Liberte - FR*V06

Reseau Alize Liberte - FR*V09

Reseau Alize Liberte - FR*V13

Reseau Alize Liberte - FR*V14

Reseau Alize Liberte - FR*V16

Reseau Alize Liberte - Orleans Metropole

Reseau Alize Liberte - Parking de Toulouse Metropole

Reseau Alize Liberte - Ville de Montrouge

Reseau Alize Liberte - Ville de Rosheim

Reseau Alize Liberte - Ville de Sable-sur-Sarthe

Réseau de charge E-Totem, parking Cénovia Le Mans

Réseau SEY ma borne

Réseau SEY ma borne - Communauté Urbaine Grand Paris Seine & Oise

Révéo - FDEL - Lot

Révéo - Hautes-Pyrénées

Révéo - Hérault Energies

Révéo - SDE09 - l’Ariège

Révéo - SDEE48 - Lozère

Révéo - SDET - Tarn

Révéo - SIEDA - Aveyron

Révéo - SMEG30 - Gard

Révéo - SYADEN 11

Révéo - SYDEEL66 - Pyrenees

Révéo - Toulouse

Robert Bosch GmbH


Saint-Louis Agglomération

SDE03 - Allier

SDE04 - Haute-Provence

SDE76 - Seine-Maritime

SDE82 - Tarn-et-Garonne


SDEF - Finistère


SDEG32 - Gers

SDEHG - Haute Garonne


Shell Recharge

SIED70 - Haute-Saône

Sieml - Maine-et-Loire



SMOYS - Syndicat Mixte Orge Yvette Seine


SPIE CityNetworks

Stadtwerke Ahrensburg GmbH

Stadtwerke Annaberg-Buchholz Energie AG

Stadtwerke Baden-Baden

Stadtwerke Göttingen Aktiengesellschaft

Stadtwerke Heidelberg Energie GmbH

Stadtwerke Ingolstadt Beteiligungen GmbH

Stadtwerke Kiel AG

Stadtwerke Leipzig

Stadtwerke Lindau

Stadtwerke Neustadt in Holstein

Stadtwerke Norderstedt

Stadtwerke Pforzheim GmbH & Co. KG

Stadtwerke Rastatt GmbH

Stadtwerke Rostock

Stadtwerke Solingen GmbH

Stadtwerke Tübingen GmbH

Stadtwerke Winsen

Stadtwerke Wismar GmbH

Stromnetz Hamburg


Swarco Traffic Austria


SYDED - Doubs

SYDEGO - Loire-Atlantique


Syndicat d'Energie et des Déchets de Haute Marne (SDED52)

TANKE Energie Burgenland


Te61 - l'Orne

Technische Werke Ludwigshafen am Rhein

Territoire d'Energie 90



USEDA - l'Aisne


Vatenfall - Gemeente Den Haag


Vattenfall DE

Vattenfall UK

Versorgungsbetriebe Hoyerswerda GmbH

Ville de Paris - Candelabre


Virta Austria

Virta FB

Virta International GmbH

Virta Sweden

Vito - Relais Benista

VKW - Vorarlberger Kraftwerke


Westfalen AG

Westfalen Weser Netz

Wien Energie



How can I get a receipt of my charging session(s)?

When paying with contactless or using the QR code at a Shell Recharge branded charge point, a payment receipt can be requested as follows:

Step 1: Please check whether the operator of the charge point is Allego or NewMotion. This information can be found on our charge points as well as on your bank statement.

Step 2: For charge points operated by Allego, a receipt can be obtained the following business day via the Allego website here The website will ask you to enter the transaction reference which can be found on your bank statement.

For charge points operated by NewMotion, please email with the point location name, date and time of your charge session, and how much it cost you and we will provide a receipt for you.

When paying with the Shell recharge app or charge card for your charging sessions at Shell or other charge point operators on the network, you will receive a monthly invoice via email which includes details of all charge sessions for the month. The amount will be automatically deducted using the debit card or credit card details provided when you ordered your charge card.

What should I do if I have lost my Shell Recharge card/key?

You can block your card and order a new one through the Shell Recharge app.
Open the app and select the ‘Account’ tab > select ‘manage charge card’ > select the card you lost > Select ‘problems with my card’ > select ‘block this card’. You have now blocked your lost card. You can order a new one through the ‘Account’ tab.

If I need help using a charge point, who can I contact?

Depending on the situation, please seek help through the following channels:

  • Issue with the Shell Recharge charge/app: contact NewMotion by calling their service desk (available 24/7) on +44 203 868 1036 or send an email to
  • Issue with a charge point at a Shell retail station: contact Allego by calling their service hotline (available 24/7) on 0800 02 94 601;
  • Issue with a 3rd party charge point operator: contact the operator as mentioned on the charge point

Where can I charge using the Shell Recharge card or app?

We have a network of over charge points in 35+ countries. Finding a suitable charge point is easy using the Shell Recharge app. Add your vehicle make and model to your account in the app to automatically see the charge points that are suitable for your vehicle. If you wish to view other charge points you can adjust your settings by clicking on the ‘filter’ button next to the search bar on the map screen.

Where can I find my nearest Shell Recharge rapid or ultra-fast charger?

To easily find Shell Recharge locations, please select ‘Shell Recharge only’ in the filter menu which can be found next to the search bar in the app. This will then only show you Shell Recharge charge points. To see all other charge points again, please don't forget to unselect this filter.

How fast are Shell Recharge rapid and ultra-fast chargers?

At most Shell forecourts we offer 50kW chargers, but we are working to install more and more of the new 150kW high-powered chargers.

50kW chargers are compatible with most electric vehicles and typically charge most new cars from 0-80% in approximately 45 minutes. The new 150kW high-powered chargers can deliver power up to three times faster depending on the electric vehicle model*.

*Results may vary, no guarantees provided. Charging speed depends on several factors including temperature outside, type of car, size of battery and battery condition. Please check with your OEM for compatibility and further information.

Which vehicle manufacturers are compatible with our home chargers?

Our charge points are compatible with all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle manufacturers including:

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Citroen
  • DS
  • Energica
  • Fiat
  • Fisker
  • Ford
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Jaguar
  • Kia
  • Land Rover
  • LDV
  • LEVC
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Mini
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Peugeot
  • Polestar
  • Porsche
  • Renault
  • Seat
  • Skoda
  • Smart
  • Tesla
  • Toyota
  • Vauxhall
  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo
  • Zero

What is the OZEV grant and how can I claim it?

The OZEV Grant offers a £350 discount off the purchase & installation cost of a home charger. The grant is available for most electric and plug-in hybrids vehicles.

To qualify for the OZEV grant for your home charger, the following need to true:

  • I have ordered, own or lease a plug-in electric vehicle
  • I have purchased my vehicle after October 1st, 2016
  • I am the registered keeper or nominated primary user of the vehicle
  • I have private off-street parking and cables will not need to cross a public footpath
  • This is the first charge point to be claimed at this address or;
  • A second charger can be claimed if an individual can evidence keepership of two eligible electric vehicles

To claim the OZEV grant, all you have to do is answer a few questions and provide copies of documents such as your V5 when ordering your home charger with us. We will do the rest and claim the grant on your behalf.

Visit the OZEV website for more information:

What is included in standard installation and what happens if I require non-standard installation?

Standard installation is included in the price of a home charger. Homes will either need 1-phase or 3-phase installation depending on the home electricity supply. The following are considered as part of standard installation for 1-phase and 3-phase installation:

  • Labour and travel
  • Placement and mounting of the charge point on a wall
  • Max. 10 meters of external cabling (for each power cable + UTP, run together) from the charge point to the cable entry point of your home
  • Max. 5 meters of internal cabling (for each power cable + UTP, run together) from the cable entry point of your home to your consumer unit (fuse box)
  • Max. 5 meters of UTP cabling from the consumer unit (fuse box) to your router (Home Standard / Home Fast package only)
  • Modifications of fuse box to provide the charge point with power (incl. all required materials like an MCB, an RCD and distribution unit.)
  • Works needed to be done from the consumer unit (fuse box) to the location of the charge point (i.e. all wall drillings and cables clipped to the walls)
  • The installation of an earthing rod
  • Measuring and registering 2G dBm-signal strength prior to installation to ensure the charge point will be connected to the NewMotion back-office (Home Advanced only)
  • Informing the network operator of the operation of the charge point (if required)
  • Commissioning, testing of the charge point and proper handover

Non-standard installation applies when additional internal or external cabling is required, and/or when cables need to be installed underground. The cost for non-standard installation will be determined based on your home situation and requirements. When ordering your charger with us, we will get in touch with you to discuss your circumstances and provide a quote if non-standard installation applies.

How can I configure the guest usage option at my home charger?

Guest usage is an option available only when you have a Home Advanced charger with a subscription. If you allow guest usage, people with a Shell Recharge card can use your home charger. You can either allow guest usage for specific charge card users, or for anybody with a Shell Recharge, Shell Card for fleets, or NewMotion card.

You can even publish your home charger in the Shell Recharge app. This is optional. If published, your charge point would be visible in the app and become a part of the Shell Recharge public charging network.

This video shows how to configure the guest usage option step by step.